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Catherine E Trotter was born and raised in Prince George’s County Maryland, educated in the public school system and graduated from Northwestern High School. Catherine received formal training from Morgan State University located in Baltimore Maryland, where she earned a B.S. in Political Science in 2002. Catherine has 17 years of experience as a Project Manager. In 2002, Catherine established House of New Beginnings, Inc. a 501C3 non-profit organization, providing professional development training workshops to youth and young adults.


In 2007, Catherine launched her consulting business providing services for growing companies. For more information about her consulting business visit In 2013 Ms. Trotter launched the Speak Life Tour a performing and visual arts platform for youth statewide. The tour is a catalyst to train youth leaders through the arts and entrepreneurship. To learn more visit Catherine is an accomplished author, speaker, business consultant and community leader.


Her niche area is in program development and strategic planning. Catherine has acquired experience in organizing community based programs and building networks between civic organizations, community residents, businesses, schools and churches. She is focused on assisting businesses both non-profit and for-profit to achieve their goals through strategic planning. During Catherine's professional career she has consulted with state and federally funded civic organizations throughout the state of Maryland, Atlanta, Orlando, Mississippi, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Virginia. She has also consulted with for-profit businesses in developing new business and marketing strategies.


Catherine also authored “Community Engagement from Concept to Implementation, 8 Steps to Unlocking Your Creative Ideas”, released on August 16th at the African American Author’s Expo in Timonium MD. The book is featured on Amazon. Community Engagement from Concept to Implementation will reveal eight steps to unlocking your creative ideas around the development and execution of a systemic approach to building community engagement projects. The book will define the concept of "community engagement" and will peel back the layers on how to become an effective leader in “community organizing”. The reader will discover "how to take ideas and turn them into a cohesive strategic plan that can be executed”.

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